In this episode, we are joined by the Founder of Active Life RX, Dr. Sean Pastuch!

We hit on a wide range of topics with Sean including:

  • His professional background before starting Active Life RX
  • His concept of the Athlete’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Flexibility versus mobility and how to improve them
  • Stamina versus strength and how to assess if they are balanced
  • Common strength imbalances found in CrossFit
  • How lack of recovery outside the gym can lead to injury
  • The role of recovery tools like yoga, foam rollers and lacrosse balls
  • What he learned from working with Rich Froning
  • His vision for Active Life RX 5 years from now
  • and much more!

We want to thank Dr. Sean for being so giving with his time and urge you to follow him and Active Life RX here:



We hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

– Nick and James

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