In this episode we are joined by the Founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity, Adee Cazayoux!

Working Against Gravity (WAG), an online nutrition coaching program with a mission to transform lives. Having made a name for herself in nutrition, Cazayoux has worked with elite athletes such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Jessica Lucero and Tia Clair-Toomey, just to spotlight a few. Beyond being a coach to the pros, Cazayoux is a textbook lifelong learner. She completed her Bachelors in Honors Psychology and a Masters in Teaching and is working toward a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. Beyond being an entrepreneur and student of the nutritional sciences, Cazayoux is also an athlete herself, having competed in the National Pro Grid League, CrossFit Open and won the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.  Cazayoux currently lives in Austin, Texas with her loving husband Michael of Brute Strength Training and her Labradoodle, Otis.

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In this episode we also reference Gretchen Rubin’s concept of “The Four Tendencies”.  You can check out her book, The Four Tendencies, and take her quiz and find out what category you fall into here.

We hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

– Nick and James

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