In this episode, we are joined by the 14th Fittest Man on Earth and 1st place finisher at Wodapalooza, Streat Hoerner!

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We had a great time talking with Streat and have actually been following him since this year’s CrossFit Games, because we ended up sitting next to his family throughout the whole competition.  We talk about that and our perhaps slightly creepy introduction in the interview.  You can find the photo we reference here

In the interview, we also cover:

  • Streat’s mom introducing him to CrossFit when he was 18 years old
  • His massive improvement at Regionals going from 21st place in 2016 to 2nd place in 2017
  • What a home run workout for Streat would look like
  • How he recently graduated from the University of Iowa with an Industrial Engineering degree and how be balanced his training with school
  • What it’s been like transitioning into training full-time
  • His goals and expectations for himself going into his rookie year at the Games
  • The financial commitment that comes with competing at the CrossFit Games
  • Getting sick and fighting through it during the final day of competition
  • Some of his favorite events at the Games
  • What it’s like to train full-time and work out for a living
  • The challenge of leaving thoughts about training in the gym and “turning it off” at the end of the day.
  • What it’s like competing in front of thousands of people
  • The atmosphere behind the scenes with the other athletes
  • How long it took Streat to get back to “normal” after the Games
  • What he would have done differently looking back on his rookie season
  • Streat’s thoughts on PED’s in the sport of CrossFit and his own experience with being drug tested
  • His thoughts coming out of the Dubai Fitness Championships and Wodapalooza and how he feels going forward this season
  • And the Lightning Round including: his favorite song to train to (or lack thereof), hardest workout he’s ever done, favorite TV show, his dream sponsor, what super power he would choose, his fighting nickname, his biggest gym pet peeve, what new element he would introduce at the Games, something non-fitness related on his Bucket List, who he’s going for in the Super Bowl this weekend!

We hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

– Nick and James

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