In this episode, we are joined by 2x CrossFit Games athlete and 3rd place finisher in this year’s 40-44 Masters division, Yurii Hanson!

We talk to Yurii about his experience competing at the CrossFit Games as an individual and a Masters athlete.  Yurii has a lot of great knowledge to share and I think you’re gonna really dig this episode!

Topics include:

  • How Yurii got started in CrossFit and how it helped him rehab a serious back injury.
  • How he went from training people in his garage as a hobby, while working as a firefighter, to opening up his own CrossFit gym.
  • Getting signed up for his first CrossFit Open by his wife and discovering that he could be pretty good at the sport of CrossFit.
  • Qualifying for the 2012 CrossFit Games as an individual and some memorable moments from that year.
  • The stress and emotional strain that comes with competing.
  • Battling through injuries and adversities in your training.
  • How competing as a Masters athlete compared to competing as an individual.
  • They “Why” behind Yurii’s training and how he maintained motivation day after day in pursuit of his goal.
  • And much more!

We had such a great time talking with Yurii and would like to thank him again for taking the time. He’s a standup guy and I think we can all learn a lot from his story.  We hope you like listening to this episode as much as we did recording it!


– Nick and James

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