In this episode, we are joined by John Petroff of Zootown CrossFit to discuss all things CrossFit. John is a firefighter, CrossFit coach and gym owner, so he has a lot of good stories and knowledge to share!

We discuss the early days of CrossFit and how it has evolved over the years.  John got into CrossFit to make him better at his job as a firefighter and that continues to be a big focus of his today.

We also talk about John’s coaching relationship with 2x CrossFit Games Masters Champion, Sue Habbe and all of the success they have enjoyed together.

With John being a fellow gym owner, the topic of gym pet peeves came up as well and we talked about the joys of running a CrossFit gym.

If you’re ever in Missoula, MT, check out his gym, Zootown CrossFit!


– Nick and James

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