In this episode, we sit down with our good friend, Danny Stanley, to discuss his recent battle with cancer and how he has come through on the other side.

Danny tells his story from the time he first started noticing symptoms, to battling through chemotherapy and experimental treatments, and ultimately overcoming his fight with cancer.

Danny encountered a ridiculous amount of adversity and he talks about the lessons he learned and how he got himself through this difficult time in his life.

This is a special episode for us, not only because Danny is a good friend, but because of what he was able to share with us.  The term, mental toughness, gets thrown around a lot these days, but you will never really know the mental fortitude you have until you’re placed in a position like Danny was.

It would be easy for anyone in Danny’s situation to give in to negativity and lose hope.  But, Danny found meaning in his suffering and held on to that throughout his darkest times.

This an extremely powerful episode and we want to thank Danny for sharing his story with us.  I think it will serve as a source of inspiration for anyone who hears it!


– Nick and James

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