In this episode, we are joined by 3x Fittest Man in Montana and 6x Regional Competitor, Ryan Smith!

We begin the interview by telling Ryan how we first came onto our radar back in 2013, from a YouTube video called “CrossFit – Setting Record in Big Sky:  Froning and Bailey”

In the video, Ryan with the help of Rob Orlando and one other man, goes head to head with Rich Froning and Dan Bailey in a competition to max out their snatch and clean & jerk.  It’s a very entertaining video with over 2 million views, that I personally have watched probably 100 times.  To view the video click the following link:   Click Here

Next, we talk to Ryan about his early days in the sport.  We cover:

  • How Ryan discovered CrossFit and what his first workout was.
  • How CrossFit served as a rehabilitative program for Ryan’s knee injury.
  • How his training has changed from programming for himself to enlisting the help of a coach.
  • How Ryan’s training differs during different parts of the year.
  • Ryan takes us through his 2017 season, where he found himself nearly clinching a qualifying spot to the CrossFit Games.
  • We discuss the lessons Ryan learned from his experience at Regionals and how he will implement them going forward.
  • We dive into having balance in life outside of CrossFit and how Ryan doesn’t believe it’s reasonable or necessary to make training your sole focus.
  • Lightning Round nonsense
  • Ryan turns the tables and asks us a question about what we think the new movement will be in the 2018 Open.

We had an absolute blast recording this episode!  Ryan is a great dude and has a ton of knowledge to share with you!

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