In this episode, we sit down with KD Winters to discuss her career in the sport of Weightlifting.  She went from CrossFit class to becoming a member of Team USA for Weightlifting.

We actually met KD at Bridger CrossFit at the beginning of 2013 when we started CrossFit.  She was a coach at BCF and helped introduce us to the sport.  So, we recounted some of those early days lifting together.

KD also dropped some knowledge bombs on how she coaches clients to help improve mobility, as well as the importance of building up the correct motor pattern in the lifts and not practicing to miss.

We also get into KD’s recent performance at the Pan American Championships, where she competed under some less than ideal conditions, and what she learned from her experience.

Finally, we get to know KD a little better outside of Weightlifting with the Lightning Round.

If you want to follow KD on her Weightlifting journey, you can find her on Instagram @kathleenwinters.  Where hopefully through my advice she is now using the hashtag #wintersiscoming

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