In this episode, we interview 3x CrossFit Games Regional competitor, trainer at CrossFit Billings and all around good dude, Mack Unruh.

He gives us his background in sport and fitness, and how he got into CrossFit.  Mack discovered CrossFit and started competing at the same time he was playing collegiate baseball.  We dive into how he balanced the two, as well as the importance of kids not specializing in any single sport.

Mack talks us through his journey in CrossFit and how he has progressed through the sport.  One of the biggest takeaways he’s had from his experience is that the focus should be on intensity in your workouts, not necessarily adding more volume.

We get into some of the adversities that Mack has faced on his journey thus far, including missing Regionals in 2016 and suffering a pec injury at the 2017 Regional.  This leads us into a discussion on the importance of finding one’s identity outside of fitness and not defining yourself by your performance.

We finish the interview a lightning round of questions to get to know Mack a little better.  He’s a fan of Batman and Game of Thrones, so he’s okay in my book!

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