Hey, James Love here.

About us, hmm… Where to start?

We came into this world on a cold winter’s day.  The date was December 10, 1990.  At a hefty 6 pounds 11 ounces each, we were ready to take on the world.  We knew right away that —

No.  Wait.  Stop.  That’s too far back.  Sorry.

Let’s see here…  Growing up in a small town in Montana, we kept ourselves busy with sports, running around with friends, playing tackle football with no pads… We still have some scars from those days.

We worked hard, but we played hard too.  A typical Saturday night consisted of Nick and I posted up in front of the TV watching Seinfeld re-runs, while downing a box of Oreos.  And for some reason we couldn’t understand, we became the kids who bashfully kept their shirts on at the pool.

As we grew older and got into high school, we became more serious about sports, particularly football, and were introduced to the weight room.  For the first time in our lives, we discovered that our physical attributes were not fixed, but could be changed through hard work and training.

We quickly became addicted to the feeling and developed a passion for training and self improvement that carried through high school and college.  Upon graduating with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science we came to a fork in the road.

The path to the left was the safe, “smart” option; continue on to graduate school and become a physical therapist.  The path to the right was the unknown.  That path was covered with overgrown brush, it was dark and shaded, and you heard a wolf howl off in the distance…

But, us being the daredevils we are, we decided to take the scary path.  And, I’m very thankful we did.

We moved back to our hometown and opened our own gym, CrossFit Miles City.  We started small, but have continued to grow since our opening in 2013.  I could not be more grateful for the friendships and relationships we have found through our tribe here at CFMC.

Nick and I consider ourselves lifelong learners and are always looking to take the next step in our development and that of our gym.  That next step for us was starting our podcast, The Twin Studies.  We had talked about starting our own podcast for a couple years before we finally took the plunge.

We have gotten so much value from podcasts ourselves by gaining access to people we would never come across otherwise.  That is something we thought that our community could benefit from.

However, I don’t want to pretend that the podcast is not a selfish endeavor.  Nick and I fully intend to use the podcast as a way to seek out and learn from experts that we look up to.  Basically, we aim to give you a podcast we, ourselves, would want to listen to.

So, first things first, why did we choose the name “The Twin Studies” over other possible candidates like, “Double Trouble” or “Seeing Double”?  Barf…

We are identical twins, by the way, I hope that was obvious up to this point…

Anyway, we chose the name The Twin Studies, because research on twins has been done in the name of science for years.  The rationale behind the study of identical twins is that they are genetically identical, so any changes in appearance or ability are the direct result of one’s behavior/environment.

That’s something we have always been interested in; the habits and behaviors needed to make change and live the life that you want.  And, that is the aim of our show.

We don’t claim to be experts or have all the answers, but we welcome you to join us on our journey and share in our experiences.

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